Omandokoro Otabisho (Gion Matsuri,location,history)

Omandokoro Otabisho, Gion Matsuri

The information about Omandokoro Otabisho is presented here. Omandokoro Otabisho was a place where Omandokoro Mikoshi (Gozu Tenno (Susano-no-mikoto)) and Hachioji Mikoshi (Yahashira-no-mikogami, eight children of Susano-no-mikoto) were enshrined during the Gion Matsuri Festival. Omandokoro Mikoshi and Hachioji Mikoshi went from Yasaka Shrine to Omandokoro Otabisho during Shinko-sai on June 7th and returned from Omandokoro Otabisho to Yasaka Shrine during Kanko-sai on June 14th. (The schedule is different from the current one.)

【Omandokoro Otabisho Location Map & Directions】

Address: 678-3 Omandokoro-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Access (How to get there): Sabway Shijo station (about 4 minutes on foot), Hanyu Karasuma Station (about 7 minutes on foot)

【Opening Hours & Closed (confirmation required)】

Opening Hours: Free
Closed: open year round

【Entrance Fees & Tickets (confirmation required)】

Individual: Free

【Omandokoro Otabisho History】

Omandokoro Otabisho (大政所御旅所, Yasaka Shrine Omandokoro Otabisho, 八坂神社大政所御旅所) was founded in 974 in the middle of the Heian period (794-1185). Hata no Sukemasa, who lived in Higashinotoin Takatsuji, received an oracle from Yasaka-no-okami, who said, “Make your house a place of appearance, and report to the imperial court immediately”, and the 64th Emperor Enyu had the same dream, and Hata no Sukemasa’s house became Omandokoro Otabisho and a shinden (shrine building) was built there. It is said that the morning after the oracle was given, the priest of Yasaka Shrine found a spider’s thread running from Honden (Main Shrine) to a mound in the garden of Hata no Sukemasa’s house. Since then, 13 generations of Hata no Sukemasa’s descendants have succeeded him as the priest of Omandokoro Otabisho. It was later destroyed by fire in 1536 during the Sengoku period (1493-1590). After that, in 1591 during the Aduchi Momoyama period (1573-1603), by order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it was merged with Shoshoi Otabisho and moved to the present Yasaka Shrine Otabisho (Shijo Otabisho, Gion Otabisho). Incidentally, Shoshoi Otabisho was a place where Shoshoi Mikoshi (Hari Sainyo (Kushiinadahime-no-mikoto)) was enshrined during the Gion Matsuri festival. In 1911, with the expansion of Karasuma-dori, the spider mound (fox mound) and other structures were demolished, and Oseijo Otabisho took on its present appearance.
★In Yasaka Shrine Otabisho, North Otabisho was assigned to the Tsuda family (later the Fujii family) and South Otabisho was assigned to the Inabado Yakuoin Temple (later the Yamato family) as the miyamori (shrine guard). The Yamato family, whose ancestor was Hata no Sukemasa, became the miyatsukai (shrine servant) of North Otabisho).
*reference・・・Omandokoro Otabisho website

【Omandokoro Otabisho Highlights (May be undisclosed)】

★Omandokoro Otabisho was built in 1912. Omandokoro Otabisho enshrines Susano-no-mikoto and Yahashira-no-mikogami (eight children of Susano-no-mikoto), and is said to bring good fortune by averting misfortune and disaster.

【Events (confirmation required)】

★It is said that Omandokoro Shinken Haicho (大政所神剣拝戴) used to be held on July 16th, but this has now ceased. It is said that the tradition ended around 1972. It is said that in Omandokoro Shinken Haicho, the naginata (long sword) of Naginata Hoko (Naginata Boko) was moved to Omandokoro Otabisho, where the ritual was held, and after the ritual, it was opened to the public to ward off evil spirits. By the way, Gion-bayashi (Gion Matsuri music) performed by Hayashi-kata (music group) of Naginata Hoko was also dedicated.
★Omandokoro Hairei (大政所拝礼) is held on July 24th during Kanko-sai. In Omandokoro Hairei, Nakagoza Mikoshi, Higashigoza Mikoshi, and Nishigoza Mikoshi stop by to perform the worship service. By the way, in Kanko-sai. three mikoshi (Nakagoza, Hgashigoza and Nishigoza) go from Shijo Otabisho to the shrine parishioners’ town and back to Yasaka Shrine via Matabisha (Gokusha).
●Gion Matsuri Festival 2024 will start on July 1st, 2024 and end on July 31st, 2024.
Gion Matsuri Festival Schedule (July 1st-31st)

【Telephone (Please refrain from making phone calls.)】

Tel: +81-75-561-6155

【Recommended Walking Route】

The recommended walking route from Omandokoro Otabisho is to head east along Shijo-dori on the north side of the street to Yasaka Shrine Otabisho. Yasaka Shrine Otabisho, along with Omandokoro Otabisho, is associated with Yasaka Shrine and Gion Matsuri Festival.Nishikikoji-dori, where Nishiki Market is located, is on the north side of Shijo-dori, and a walk along Nishiki-koji Dori while shopping is also a good idea.

【Remarks(access, parking, disclaimer, etc)】
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  1. 錦市場(Nishiki Market)
  2. 竹林の道(Bamboo Forest Path)
  3. 嵐山